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10 Terrific Things to Do with Kids this Week

We've done the hard work for you, sifting through our extensive kids' event calendar to let you know whichevents are sure to please. Have fun, make memories and go on an adventure with your family!

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Anxiety in Children: Helping Your Child Find Peace of Mind

Sometimes it's hard for parents to understand what young children have to worry about. After all, they aren't responsible for paying the mortgage, putting food on the table or responding to the demands of irrational bosses. What could a young child possible worry about? Plenty.

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Benefits of Being Bilingual - A Brain Ready for Learning

Are you getting your bilingual child ready for elementary school? Here are some ways that speaking two or more languages primes a child's brain to be receptive and ready to learn at school.

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DIY Halloween Costumes

Are you tired of spending a small fortune for your child's Halloween costume? Add a personal touch to Halloween this year with Scott "Crunchy" Meeks adorable DIY kids' costumes.

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Handwriting for Kids: A Boost in Brain Power

Students may soon not have to worry about dotting their I's and crossing their T's. As schools adapt their curricula to have a stronger focus on standardized tests, lessons in printscript and cursive writing are quickly becoming obsolete. But neglecting to devote classroom time to handwriting can have consequences which can last throughout a child's school years and beyond.

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Jaime Primak Sullivan: #Cawfeetawk Reminds Us Real Women are a Work in Progress

Many people know Jaime Primak Sullivan as the Hollywood publicist turned reality star of the Bravo series &quo;Jersey Belle.&quo; But now Primak has embarked on a new mission - to bring kindness back to the internet with her digital series, &quo;#Cawfeetawk.&quo;

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Museum on O Street: The D.C. Museum You Can't Miss

It's time to unearth a national treasure right here in D.C. - the not your ordinary Museum on O Street, located inside The Mansion on O Street. With over 100 rooms, 15,000 pieces of art and 70 secret doors, you'll find fun at every turn.

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Sports Physicals: More than a Checkup

Sports physicals can seem mundane, but they factor into the comprehensive, continuous care you only get from a pediatrician or family physician. They are critical checkpoints, especially for young athletes, and should be scheduled every year - instead of the quick-hit sports physicals that are so popular during the start of the school year.

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