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May 2016


5 Parenting Tools We Should STOP Using!!
Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Cinco de Mayo Crafts for Your Family
Denise Morrison Yearian

DC Impact: Girls Stand Up for Themselves
Ellie Hartleb

Food Introduction: New Information and Research
Meredith Heltzer, MD

Celebrate Nature: National Kids to Parks Day
Ellie Hartleb

New Mom with Baby: Breastfeeding at Work
Ellie Hartleb

The Mom and Daughter Experience Over Time
Myrna Haskell

Support Your Kids in Sports
Denise Morrison Yearian


Good Stuff
Ellie Hartleb

Mixed Media
Mary Quattlebaum

More For Moms
Ellie Hartleb

Short Stuff

Tot Tips
Samantha Carter


Child Development Series