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June 2007
by Maria Gildea Selwood

CPSC Recall

The CPSC and Small World Toys, of Culver City, Calif., announce the joint recall of "Sounds on the Farm" and "Sounds on the Go" puzzles. The puzzles were sold under the names Puzzibilities and Ryan's Room. The knobs on the wooden puzzles can detach, posing a choking hazard. Consumers should immediately take this toy away from children and contact Small World Toys to obtain a free replacement toy. Contact Small World Toys at 800-421-4153 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., PT, Monday through Friday, visit www.smallworldtoys.com, or e-mail puzzlerecall@smallworldtoys.com.

Mother Knows Best

On a recent cross-country plane trip, we downloaded toddler music onto our iPod for our 18-month-old. Instead of using the bud earpieces, we connected an old-fashioned set of headphones to the iPod so they would stay more securely on his head. In addition to lots of snacks and activities, the music really helped keep our otherwise active little guy happy and in his seat for the long flight.

Julie S., Bethesda

Diaper Clutch

Naturally, now that my children are out of diapers, I have come across the cutest diaper bag accessory ever created — the diaper clutch. This may be old news to some of you but, to those who don’t know, the diaper clutch holds two to four diapers and, in some cases, has a holding place for wipes and a small changing pad. The diaper clutch is easy to locate in an enormous diaper bag or helpful if you just need a couple diapers and wipes but don’t want to lug the diaper bag along. Several online stores have recently sprung up with one design more fashion-forward than the last, including www.thediaperclutch.com, www.bykimlane.com and www.instylemoms.com.

Create My Own Cup! by Playtex

Just in time to ditch that bottle once and for all, Playtex has come out with a new sippy cup called Create My Own Cup! The spill-proof, insulated cup can be personalized by your tot. Each cup sold comes with a coloring page that can be removed, colored by your little one and then easily replaced in the space between the actual cup and the clear plastic exterior. You can add stickers or photos as well. The cup is sold with several blank coloring pages so, when your little one feels like he wants a new look for his cup, he can color and replace his old design with a new one. You can create your own masterpiece by using a blank piece of paper and simply cutting it to size. An added bonus: if you have more than one child, a personalized design can help quickly determine which cup belongs to which child. The cup retails for $4.75 and, if you can’t find it at your local grocery store, you can order it online at www.playtexstore.com.

Play-Doh Activities

Seems like when we open fresh containers of Play-Doh in our house, the various clumps of clay get immediately fused together. Ten minutes or so after "playing" this game, we have created several gray blobs. Leftover Play-Doh that doesn’t make it back into the containers invariably finds its way into the fibers of our living room carpet. Recently, I stumbled across the Play-Doh website, where I found some relatively creative Play-Doh activity ideas that captivated my little ones and didn’t involve damage to the home decor. At the Play-Doh homepage (www.hasbro.com/playdoh), the Parents link has game ideas while the Fresh Ideas! Gallery link includes clay-molding ideas for different ages. The suggestions are great if you’re looking for one more activity to round out the day or if you need a distraction while you sort the mail or start dinner. And, if necessary, you can learn how to remove stubborn Play-Doh from your rug by checking out the FAQ section!

Bottle Keeper

Keep one step ahead of your baby with the Bottle Keeper. One end of the Bottle Keeper strap attaches to your baby’s bottle or sippy cup, while the other end of the strap attaches to your stroller. With the Bottle Keeper, you can confidently stroll the mall never having to worry that your little guy will spike his bottle to the ground causing you to roll awkwardly over it, trip yourself as you try to control the stroller and then knock heads with the kindly stranger who has also bent down to help you retrieve your tyke’s bottle. The Bottle Keeper can be found online at www.mommyshelperinc.com.

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