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January 2008

Tot Tips
Advice & Reviews for Parents of Young Children

by Maria Gildea Selwood

Mother Knows Best

The winter weather was drying out my 3-year-old son's skin, but he didn't like using lotion after his bath. I solved the problem by putting a couple of Spiderman stickers on my regular bottle of lotion. Suddenly, my son decided he needs to use the lotion all the time (and his dry skin has improved, too)!
--Kimberly, North Bethesda

Mommy Must Haves

Finding a way to distract your little one while grocery shopping has never been easier. The OnTray is a multifunctional container that attaches easily to any shopping cart handle. Fill one tray with your toddler's favorite snack and another with his favorite small figurines or crayons. The trays can also be used for grocery shopping lists and coupons. The OnTray is microwave and dishwasher safe. Order online at www.ontray2go.com.

Kid Sister- and Kid Brother-On-The-Way Cards
New this month . . . An innovative way to help your little one feel involved with your pregnancy. The Kid Sister- and Kid Brother-On-The-Way cards are 5 x 7" personalized photo cards that allow your tot to announce the upcoming arrival of his or her new sibling. The announcements' neutral language makes the cards perfect for adoption, too. Just slip in a picture of your older child, sign and mail! Cards cost $3.75 individually but are slightly less when purchased in bulk. For ordering information, visit www.buddingfamily.com.

Color Scroller
The award-winning Color Scroller by Alex Toys is a hit with the preschool crowd. Scroll through and color one of 50 preprinted designs with the six crayons located in a hidden drawer. At 7 x 9", the Color Scroller is perfectly portable. This is a great activity when little ones have a long wait ahead of them -- in the doctor's office, on an airplane or at a restaurant. Paper refills are available. Color Scrollers can be found at local toy stores or online at www.alextoys.us.

CPSC Recall

The CPSC and Jetmax International, Ltd., announce the joint recall of Children's Wooden Storage racks. The racks can tip over, posing an entrapment and suffocation hazard. The CPSC has one reported death of an 8-month-old boy who was asphyxiated after he pulled the storage bins over and the top rung landed on his neck. The storage racks were sold at Wal-Marts nationwide from August 2004 through July 2005 and Ollie's stores from July 2006 through June 2007. For additional information, contact Jetmax at 800-689-2168 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., CT, visit the firm's website at www.jlwoodenmfg.com or e-mail info@jlwoodenmfg.com. We encourage our readers to visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website frequently to keep current with the toy recalls:www.cpsc.gov/recntrecalls.html.

Cute Baby of the Month
Name: Madison Chace
Birthday: February 23, 2007
Favorite Pastimes: laughing at her brother, giggling with her daddy and smiling whenever she gets a chance.

If you would like your baby or toddler (ages 2 and under please) featured in Tot Tips, e-mail a photo and important stats to contactus@washingtonparent.com..

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