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October 2008

Why Mommies Blog

By Linda Kerr

I remember the first time my husband told me he was reading someone’s blog. “A what?” I asked. “A blog. It’s a web log of someone’s life, thoughts, feelings, opinions. Like an online journal.” My first thought was how incredibly boring a blog sounded, and I wondered why would anyone read one. Little did I know three years later, I would become a blogger – a mommy blogger no less. I have become one of those women who write about the good, the bad and the ugly of kids and family life.

Moms Blog For Many Reasons

Moms blog for many reasons. It may be a form of journaling for busy moms to quickly document milestones, share challenges or seek advice. For some, it’s a way to help family stay connected. Our world has changed so much with families living in different time zones, or even continents, that a blog provides a medium for keeping in touch with family and friends. For others, like myself, it’s an excuse to keep up with my career. There are moms who blog on law, politics, food, health, medicine, technology, fashion, film, finance or religion as a way to keep their feet wet in their own industries while raising a family.

When my contract writing gig lapsed last summer, I felt the need for a project that was mine – something beyond the daily tasks of a stay-at-home mom. No longer was I being paid to write, so I needed a way to continue working and to keep my writing skills fresh. Blogging seemed like a natural fit. I could share my numerous opinions with the world, and perhaps I’d develop some regular readers – although this was never really the original intent. Once I started, I became addicted. Suddenly all the thoughts and story ideas I used to think of for parenting magazine articles began showing up on my blog. Before I knew it, I was seeing more than 100 hits a day from people all over – some looking for advice, some Googling for information and some friends in the neighborhood who were keeping tabs.

A Virtual Community

There are tens of thousands of mom blogs out there. A recent survey by the online group BlogHer reveals that 36.2 million women actively participate in the blogosphere, and 40 percent of those bloggers believe their biggest impact is through fostering relationships with like-minded individuals.Parenting can be a lonely job for both working and stay-at-home parents, since moms at home may feel isolated from others, and those at work may not have the time to socialize with other moms. The web opens up a virtual community for moms to get advice and empathy from other women in similar situations. Fellow mom blogger Victoria Mason of The Mummy Chronicles, also a writer in the area, has been blogging for three years. “I started blogging to let out frustration over a tough job environment, being newly pregnant in that environment where women were scarce and then coping with post-partum depression,” she says.

Reading blogs from local moms also provides suggestions for fun stuff to do with the kids or even places in town to avoid. Moms can find blogs from other moms who offer advice on the daily parenting challenges of potty training, weaning, school, discipline or illness. Then there are the blogs from those who have forged the path ahead and provide humor, support and the tools for handling the challenges to come.

Blogging Business

But mommy blogging has become more than just online scrapbooking. Many moms have turned blogging into a business. Mason says she continues to blog to help with her frustration and practice her writing, but she has established a freelance career as a result. And many mom bloggers have started to rock the political scene as well. Whether it’s breastfeeding in public, advocating for better maternity leave, green parenting or addressing vaccine concerns, bloggers can rally others to a cause. For blogging novices sites such as DC Metro Moms (, BlogHer ( and Baby Center’s Momformation ( are great places to start reading. From there readers can find personal blogs which best suit their needs.

Linda Kerr is a blogger, freelance writer and a stay-at-home mom in Reston. She is working on her first book about baby bunching (having two kids less than two years apart). She blogs at Monkey Business ( and for the DC Metro Moms blog.