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Parents of Young Children
Cute Baby of the Month

Name: Celeste

Birthdate: July 30, 2010

Favorite pastime: Dancing and singing

If you would like your baby or toddler (ages 6 months to 24 months, please) featured in Tot Tips, email a photo and important stats to
Time out for Mom


Like the name implies, ShrinkxHips narrows your hips after childbirth. The postnatal belt provides a constant and even pressure that guides your hips back to their pre-pregnancy position and, sometimes, makes them smaller. The belt can be worn under or over clothes and for up to 8 hours per day. A little extra support for $34.98 at

Mommy Must Haves


Take a peek at the Peekaru, a great new baby carrier cover and french terry hoodie in one. The hoodie slips over any soft baby carrier and is great in temperatures from 45 to 65 degrees. If you wear your carrier on your back, you can flip the Peekaru, turning the hoodie into a cowl neck. A cozy tube front pocket keeps your hands warm. This hoodie for two retails for $64.95 at


Guavamitts are stylish little gloves designed to protect new baby skin from new baby nails (which are cute, but more like painful little claws).  The cotton mini mitts come in a variety of interesting patterns intended to stimulate your baby’s senses. Thanks to Velcro, the Guavamitts can grow with your baby. Buy a pair for $12 or a pack of two for $20 at

Aqua Scale

The newly released Aqua Scale has multiple uses. An internal thermometer makes certain you have the water temp just right all during bath time. A built-in scale weighs your baby when you place him in the tub?with or without water. And, of course, the tub itself comfortably holds newborns and tots up to 24 months. This all-in-one tub retails for $69.99 at