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2012 Kids Get Creative Cover Art Contest
Congratulations to the Winner & Finalists!

Congratulations to the winner & runners up from our 2012 Kids Get Creative Cover Art Contest.

Eliyah's drawing, "At the Aquarium," appears on this month's cover and depicts an aquarium she used to visit frequently while living in Germany. She remembers the big window and the variety of undersea creatures — and she used her imagination to change up the colors, she says.

"When I draw, I don't really have to draw everything precisely like in real life," says the 6th grader at Jewish Primary Day School in the District. "Like the trees, they don't have to be brown, they can be blue. I can use my imagination."

Lister not only draws, but she plays piano and experiments with clay sculpture. Her clay version of the Eiffel Tower was her unique take on a project for her French class, she says proudly.

Take a look at Eliyah's art and the beautiful artwork of all of our finalists below.

washingtonparent's 2012 Kids Get Creative Cover Art Contest album on Photobucket