Hoody Monster


  • Hoody (any color)

  • Gloves

  • Fun-fur

  • Ping pong balls

  • Giant googly eyes

  • Hot glue gun

  • Fabric glue

  • Adhesive hook and loop (optional)


  • Hot glue the googly eyes to three ping pong balls. Yes, our monster has THREE eyeballs.

  • Take some of the fun-fur and glue it to the back of the eyeball.

  • With fabric glue, attach the eyeballs to the hood of your sweat shirt. You can also use adhesive hook & loop if you don't want use the sweat shirt after Halloween.

  • Wrap fun-fur around the wrist-area of the sleeves. Use rubber bands to keep everything in place.

  • With fabric glue or hook and loop, add patches of fun-fur to the sweatshirt and your monster is ready for Halloween!

Here's an Idea

If you have a blue sweatshirt, use blue fun fur and just 2 eyeballs and you've got Cookie Monster! Use red, and you can be Elmo.

Totally 80' Girl

Ready to go birdwatching with dad? You'll need a crafty pair of binoculars to point out all those feathered beauties!


  • T-shirt

  • Old ties

  • Bright-colored tights

  • Tennis shoes

  • Fabric Paint


  • Lay your white t-shirt onto a flat surface. V-neck or tank top t-shirts work best.

  • With fabric paints, drip on random patterns. To make it look '80s - use neon colors and do a splatter paint pattern.

  • Let the shirt dry overnight.

  • This t-shirt works as a dress for a young girl. Cinch at the waist with an old tie.

  • Add cool-colored tights and tennis shoes and you're ready for a rockin' retro Halloween!

Complete Your '80s Look

Pile on the jewelry. Lots of bracelets are key. Tease up the hair and add a big bow. I bet there are moms and dads out there with some '80s yearbooks that can be used as inspiration!

Buzzy Bee Costume


  • Black shirt

  • Black pants

  • Black Shoes

  • Headband

From Your Craft Stash

  • Yellow Duct tape

  • Yellow pipe cleaners

  • Ping pong balls or small Styrofoam balls

  • Hot glue gun

  • Scissors


  • Lay a black shirt onto a flat surface. Add 3 strips of Duct tape across the front to create the bee's stripes.

  • For antennas, attach pipe cleaners to an old headband. If the headband isn't black or yellow, you can cover it with more Duct tape.

  • Use a few dabs of hot glue to secure the pipe cleaners and to attach balls to the tops of your antennae.

Awesome Options

To make this bee really buzz - add some wings made from old cardboard boxes. Just paint them yellow and black. And for a trick or treat pail, use a small bucket and paint the word "honey" on it.