Spoon Christmas Tree


  • Plastic spoons (50-75)

  • Cone-shaped party hat

  • Low temp hot glue gun


  • Break some spoons! You can either snap the top of the spoon off from its base or you can use scissors. If you use scissors, parents can do this step before starting the project.

  • With a low temp glue gun (made for kids) attach the spoons to the hat. The scoop-part should be facing out and the tip should be facing down.

  • Go around the entire bottom of the hat first. Then work your way around the hat until you get to the top.

You can spray paint your tree one solid color. Or you can simply add a cardboard star and call your Christmas tree DONE!

Resolution Stick Picks


  • Popsicle sticks

  • Black marker or paint pens

  • Jar


  • Have each member of the family write one or two resolutions onto some craft sticks. These are resolutions they'd like to see other members of the family doing in the New Year.

  • Gather all the sticks and put them into a jar.

  • At midnight on New Year's Eve, have each member of the family draw one or two sticks from the jar. Whichever resolution they get, that's the one they have to strive for in the New Year.

Resolution Suggestions: Eat more fruit. Visit gramma more often. Go for a run. Get all As in math class.

Ribbon Dreidel


  • Candy apple skewer (or toothpick)

  • Ribbon (1/2 inch)

  • Glue

  • Water bottle cap (optional)


  • Put a dab of glue onto the skewer. The glue should go just above the pointy part. Candy apple skewers work well because they're short and sturdy - and just the right amount of pointy-ness. But a toothpick will also work.

  • Add the ribbon to the glued edge of the skewer and hold for about 30 seconds until it's secure.

  • Wrap the ribbon around the skewer. Keep going until it's about the size of a quarter. Wrap tightly.

  • Secure the end of the ribbon with more glue.

  • Carefully pull the edge of the ribbon away from the pointy end, creating a bowl-like shape. Don't pull too far. You want it to hold up by itself.

  • If you'd like, put a hole in the center of a water bottle top and slide that down the skewer to act as the top part of your dreidel.

To make it more authentic, you can write letters of the Hebrew alphabet onto each side of the dreidel.