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"DISCIPLINE WITH LOVE AND LIMITS: Practical Solutions to Over 100 Common Childhood Behavior Problems"

Unlike other books about behavior, the practical discipline strategies in this book lower toxic stress by giving parents and caregivers "what to do" instead of spanking a child or giving verbal insults. It includes setting limits and teaching acceptable behaviors for over 100 of the most common behavior problems. The solutions in this book can lower every child's lifetime risk of health, learning and behavior problems that are worrying all of us today. Available wherever books are sold.

Razor Extreme PD Portable Charger

Portable batteries with high mAh capacities and fast-charging capabilities are a must for moms who need to keep multiple devices, including smartphones and laptops, powered. However, when the battery runs low on a portable charger that is 20,000 mAh or more, it can take 8-10 hours to recharge the battery to have it ready to use again. Forget about giving a portable battery eight hours of sleep, myCharge's Razor Extreme PD only needs naps.

All HANS Clean

Swipe. Flip. Swipe. Done. The HÄNS Swipe is a small portable device that tackles big germs on your electronic devices. It boasts epically easy cleans lasting hundreds of Swipes before needing a refill. There is a Cleaning Side and a Polishing Side; The Cleaning Side comes filled with HÄNS' All-Tech Cleaning Solution, a proprietary cleaner that was developed to work wonders on today's technology. The Polishing Side has an antibacterial removable and rewrap-able microfiber cloth that is antimicrobial and safe for all screen types.

An Innovative Breast Milk Chiller

Ceres Chill makes breastfeeding and pumping much easier and more stylish. This beautiful double-walled stainless steel, dual chambered system is BPA/BPS and DEHP free. It safely stores up to 12 ounces of milk as you hit the gym or head out on a date after a long work day, and your milk is safely chilled for 16+ hours. Need more time, just add ice!

Evenflo's New Stroller Wagon

Evenflo's Pivot Xplore Stroller Wagon is the first of its kind. The stroller wagon is ideal for various fall outings with its all- terrain wheels. From orchard visits to trick-or-treating, this lightweight stroller wagon's rare design gives parents the option to push as a stroller or pull as a wagon, with an easily adjustable handle that makes it easy to switch between the two when you're on-the-go. The stroller wagon is roomy enough to accommodate two kids from 6 months to 5 years in both stroller and wagon modes. Available at or Target.