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Enrichment: A Closer Look

Cortona Academy of Science, Technology, & the Arts

13505 Dulles Technology Drive, Suite 3
Herndon, VA 20171
703-464-0034, 301-215-7788, 877-851-2010

Cortona Academy of Science, Technology, and the Arts, since 1992, serves students who can benefit from small classes (average 4/class) or from one-on-one (Oxford-like) courses when accelerating. Our Hi-Tech Systems of Learning are for both learning disabled, AD/HD, and gifted, the primary reason why our graduates become stellar college students.

Cortona recently moved to an exciting 14,000 square foot location and is in the process of positioning itself as a premiere institution of hi-tech learning. Our technology, arts, and invention projects can be applied to the student's own individual course plan and college goals.

Students progress at their optimal speeds and can choose to earn college credits in high school, while selecting schedules, teachers, and courses best-suited to them.

The Education of the Future, Cortona goes beyond any public or private-sector program. Join us! Get your money's worth of your private education dollars!