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National Children's Chorus National Children's Chorus

5 Thomas Circle, Washington, DC 20005

Who We Are

The National Children's Chorus, based near Thomas Circle, provides musically talented children the opportunity to learn and grow in an extraordinary environment. The finest instructors work weekly with students to develop their vocal skills from the most basic concepts through advanced levels. Tone quality, breath support, and musical expression are cultivated within the individual singers, while working together as an ensemble culminates in world-class performances at National City Christian Church near Thomas Circle and beyond. The curriculum includes sight-singing in the Kodály Method, private, one-on-one voice instruction, music theory, and opera, orchestra, & vocal workshops. With this spectacular musicianship curriculum to accompany its first-rate vocal training, the National Children's Chorus is an unparalleled educational resource for children who love to sing! The NCC is currently auditioning for its three Junior Division ensembles -- Prelude Level, ages 5 - 6; Minuet Level, ages 7 - 10; and Sonata Level, ages 8 - 12. Rehearsals take place on Monday afternoons. If your child has musical ability, don't waste another minute - set up an audition online today!


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Visual Arts
Ages children, ages 5 - 12

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What Others Say

Our daughter's passion for music has soared in her years with the National Children's Chorus. Under the gentle guidance and high standards of NCC's talented instructors, she has become a confident and moving vocalist and an accomplished composer whose growth exceeds our imagination. She is flourishing as a young woman of character and self-esteem born of tremendous effort and dedication, and we're so thankful for the gift of NCC in her life. - Jennifer Dohr, NCC Parent since 2008

Our daughter has been a part of the NCC since its arrival in NYC and it has been nothing short of a transformative experience for her. She has always loved to sing and was eager to join a choral ensemble. Mr. McEndarfer noted in his first meeting with our daughter during the audition process that, "she sings from her heart", and with that we knew we were in the best of hands, having found someone who could see that her love of singing came from deep inside. She immediately connected with founding NCC chorus members and committed to learning how to become a more skilled and technically proficient singer. She has worked hard to improve and has benefitted enormously from the consistent professional guidance and unending support and encouragement of Mr. McEndarfer. The NCC experience has taught her discipline, voice control and performance skills. It has made our daughter's lifelong love of singing a wonderful growth experience and one which she treasures every single day. The NCC performances have been, without exception, extraordinary musical celebrations. We have watched, with much pride and great admiration, each NCC performance and have marveled at the growth and development of the skills of the children under the expert teaching of Mr. McEndarfer. It has been a joy for our daughter and all of our family to be part of the NCC. - Virginia Ryan, NCC Parent since 2011