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Washington Parent Writers Guidelines

Washington Parent serves as a local resource on topics of interest to parents of infants and children through age 18. Our chief purpose is to educate and support families living in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Most of our writers are local professionals who share their expertise with our readers. We occasionally publish articles by syndicated columnists and freelance writers. We prefer solid articles of approximately 1000 words, which may include sidebars and bulleted points.. We rarely run slice-of-life stories.

The deadline for ALL articles is the 15th of the month two months prior to publication (April 15 for the June issue).

Please check all information in your article. If it contains a listing, be sure that it is complete and current and that all addresses, phone numbers, Web sites and other information are correct. This is especially important if the article previously appeared in another publication. PLEASE PROOFREAD YOUR WORK. “Spell check” is not sufficient. We just do not have the time to deal with sloppy grammar and punctuation.

Please do not design your article. We will do that. Do not use fancy formatting, text boxes, hanging indents or back tabs. It is very time-consuming to remove these. It is fine to use bullets, and please supply us with subheads (which should be in bold).

We use The Associated Press Stylebook and Webster's New World College Dictionary. We use one gender throughout each article. Do not write, “Let your child tie their own shoes.” Choose “her” or “his.

The Washington Parent website is We will ask for your written permission to include your article on our site, in our e-magazine and in any future media.